About Us: Critical Historical Sociology Blog

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Editors (Sahan S. Karatasli, Simeon J. Newman & Timothy Rutzou)

The “Critical Historical Sociology Blog: History, Theory and Sociology in an Age of Crisis” is the official blog of the American Sociological Association’s Section on Comparative and Historical Sociology.

As comparative-historical sociologists, we are able to approach the most contemporary topics taking into account their longer-term geneses, but we also have the theoretical and methodological tools to approach even the oldest and most remote of matters with an eye to present-day concerns. We approach even the most local issues from the standpoint of their connections to far-flung social events and processes; and we study even the most empirical topics theoretically and critically.

We are living in an era of crises in political economy, state-society relationships, geopolitics, and academia. And we need a space to discuss crucial issues surrounding capitalism, the state, authoritarianism, social unrest, imperialism, and knowledge production from historical, comparative, and critical-theoretical perspectives.

The Critical Historical Sociology Blog: History, Theory and Sociology in an Age of Crisis aims to provide such space. We aim to serve as a hub for sociologists and scholars from other disciplines to explicitly discuss substantive, practical, and theoretical issues, reflect on research concerns and controversies, and debate current and historical events and abysses. Some examples of relevant themes include, but are not limited to:

  1. democracy and resurgent authoritarianism,
  2. political economy, capitalism and crisis,
  3. imperialism, (post-)empire, (post-)colonialism and the colonial present,
  4. history of sociology, academic freedom, and the crisis of the university.

We look forward to receiving submissions from members of the Section and the broader social scientific community on an ongoing basis.

Submissions can be sent to: chsblog1@gmail.com


Editor in Chief:

Sahan Savas Karatasli (University of North Carolina, Greensboro)

Assistant Editors in Chief:

Simeon J. Newman (University of Michigan)

Timothy Rutzou (Yale University)

Editorial Board:

Edwin Ackerman (Syracuse University)

Mathieu Desan (University of Colorado)

Zophia Edwards (Providence College)

Luis Flores (University of Michigan)

Philip Gorski (Yale University)

Michael Kennedy (Brown University)

Richard Lachmann (State University of New York, Albany)

Beverly J. Silver (Johns Hopkins University)

George Steinmetz (University of Michigan)