Mittelweg 36: Siegfried-Landshut-Preis 2019 / George Steinmetz

Mittelweg 36 Special Issue on George Steinmetz
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Mittelweg 36 29.Jahrgang Heft 3 Juni/Juli 2020

In January 2020, George Steinmetz was awarded the annual Siegfried Landshut prize by the Hamburg Institute for Social Research. Recently, the journal of the Hamburg Institute, Mittelweg 36, published Steinmetz’s prize acceptance lecture along with two further articles and an interview, prefaced by introductions from sociologists Wolfgang Knöbl and Teresa Koloma Beck. The issue dedicated to sociologist George Steinmetz can be accessed in German via Mittelweg 36‘s site.

Among the essays published in Mittelweg 36, two of them — “Historicism and Positivism in Sociology” and “Concept-Quake: the History of Science to the Historical Sociology of Social Science” — are especially relevant to the comparative-historical sociologists in general and the CHS section of the ASA in particular.

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