Recent Publications by Our Member

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Recent writings by our members Didem Türkoğlu and Jason C. Mueller:

Türkoğlu D. (2021) Ever Failed? Fail Again, Fail Better: Tuition Protests in Germany, Turkey, and the United States. In: Cini L., della Porta D., Guzmán-Concha C. (eds) Student Movements in Late Neoliberalism. Social Movements and Transformation. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Mueller, J. C. and McCollum, J. (2021) ‘A Sociological Analysis of “OK Boomer”’, Critical Sociology. doi: 10.1177/08969205211025724.

Mueller, Jason C. 2021. “Neoliberal Order Breakdown and the US Withdrawal from Afghanistan.” CounterPunch.Org. September 13, 2021.

Mueller, Jason C. 2021. “Outcomes of the US ‘War on Terror’: The Afghanistan-Somalia Comparison.” Section on Marxist Sociology. September 1, 2021.

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