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Almeida, Paul and Amalia Pérez Martín. 2020. “Economic Globalization and Social Movements in Latin America.” In Xóchitl Bada and Liliana Rivera, eds., Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of Latin America. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Mueller, Jason C., John McCollum, and Steven Schmidt. 2020. “COVID-19, the Vanishing Mediator, and Postcapitalist Possibilities.” Rethinking Marxism, Pandemic and the Crisis of Capitalism: A Rethinking Marxism Dossier, Pp. 181-192.

Schmidt, Steven, and Jason C. Mueller. “The Emergence of Participatory Budgeting in Mexico City.” Pp. 286-298 in The Routledge Handbook of Planning Megacities in the Global South, edited by Deden Rukmana. London: Routledge.

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