Theda Skocpol Dissertation Award

2018 Award

Winner: Charles Seguin (Univ. of Arizona): “Making a National Crime: The Transformation of U.S. Lynching Politics, 1883-1930” (PhD, University of North Carolina, 2016).

2017 Award

Winner:  Robert Braun (Cornell University [now an incoming AP at Northwestern]): “Religious Minorities and Resistance to Genocide: Christian Protection of Jews in the Low Countries during the Holocaust”

Honorable Mention:  Shai Dromi (Yale University [now a Fellow at Harvard]): “The Religious Origins of Transnational Relief: Calvinism, Humanitarianism, and the Genesis of Social Fields”

2016 Award

Winner:  Hillary Angelo. “How Green Became Good: Urban Greening as Social Improvement in Germany’s Ruhr Valley”; New York University.

2015 Award

Winner:  Alena K. Alamgir. “Socialist Internationalism at Work: Changes in the Czechoslovak-Vietnamese Labor Exchange Program, 1967-1989.” Rutgers University (dissertation committee: Jozsef Borocz (chair), Ann Mische, Catherine Lee, and Dominique Arel).

2014 Award

Winner:  Şahan Savaş Karataşlı. “Financial Expansions, Hegemonic Transitions, and Nationalism: A Longue Durée Analysis of State-Seeking Nationalist Movements.” John Hopkins University (primary advisors: Giovanni Arrighi and Beverly Silver).

2013 Award

Winner: Jaeeun Kim (Stanford), “Colonial Migration and Transborder Membership Politics in Twentieth-Century Korea”

Honorable Mention: Kevan Harris (Princeton), “The Martyrs Welfare State: Politics of Social Policy in the Islamic Republic of Iran”

2012 Award

Winner: Stephan Bargheer, 2011. “Moral Entanglements: the Emergence and Transformation of Bird Conservation in Great Britain and Germany, 1790-2010.” Ph.D. Dissertation, Sociology, University of Chicago. (Dissertation Chair: Andrew Abbott.)

Honorable Mention: Damon Maryl, 2011. “Secular Conversions: Politics, Institutions, and Religious Education in the United States and Australia, 1800-2000.” Ph.D. Dissertation, Sociology, University of California, Berkeley. (Dissertation Chair: Margaret Weir.)

2011 Award

Winner: Robert S. Jansen, 2009. “Populist Mobilization: Peru in Historical and Comparative Perspective.” Ph.D. Dissertation, Sociology, UCLA. (Dissertation Chair: Rogers Brubaker.)

Honorable Mention: Besnik Pula, 2011. “State, Law and Revolution: Agrarian Power and the National State in Albania, 1850-1945.” Ph.D. Dissertation, Sociology, University of Michigan. (Dissertation Chair: George P. Steinmetz.)

2010 Award

Dan Lainer-Vos, 2009. “Nationalism in Action: The Construction of Irish and Zionist Transatlantic National Networks.” Ph.D. Dissertation, Sociology, Columbia University. (Dissertation Chair: Gil Eyal.)