2020 Section Award Winners

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Ibn Khaldun Distinguished Career Award

Co-winner: William H. Sewell, Jr., University of Chicago (e-mail)

Co-winner: Viviana A. Zelizer, Princeton University (e-mail)

Committee: Fatma Müge Göçek (chair), Bruce Carruthers, and George Steinmetz

Barrington Moore Book Award

This committee’s work is ongoing, and the result of its deliberation should be announced before the virtual business meeting in August.

Committee: Andreas Wimmer (chair), Fabien Accominotti, A.K.M. Skarpelis

Charles Tilly Article Award

Co-winner: Accominotti, Fabien, Shamus R. Khan, Adam Storer. 2018. “How Cultural Capital Emerged in Gilded Age America: Musical Purification and Cross-Class Inclusion at the New York Philharmonic.“ American Journal of Sociology 123(6): 1743-83. (Accominotti e-mail, Khan e-mail, Storer e-mail)

Co-winner: Kentikelenis, Alexander E. and Sarah Babb. 2019. “The Making of Neoliberal Globalization: Norm Substitution and the Politics of Clandestine Institutional Change.” American Journal of Sociology 124(6): 1720-62. (Kentikelenis e-mail, Babb e-mail)

Committee: Paul Chang (chair), Barış Büyükokutan, Christopher Muller

Theda Skocpol Dissertation Award

Winner: Johnnie Lotesta, “Rightward in the Rustbelt: How Conservatives Remade the GOP, 1947-2012,” Ph.D. diss., Brown University, 2019. (Lotesta e-mail)

Committee: Edwin Ackerman (chair), Cameron Campbell, and Sefika Kumral

Reinhard Bendix Student Paper Award

Winner: Simeon J. Newman, University of Michigan, “Mass Clientelism: A Mode of Political Intermediation.” (Newman e-mail)

Honorable Mention: Lantian Li, Northwestern University, “Redefining Innovation for Development: The Political Economy of New Drug Classification in China.” (Li e-mail)

Committee: Eric Schoon (chair), Luciana de Souza Leão, and Joris Gjata

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