2022 CHS Section Award Winners

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The section presents the Ibn Khaldun Distinguished Career Award every year in order to recognize a lifetime of outstanding contributions to the subfield of comparative-historical sociology.

Committee: Jose Itzigsohn (Chair, Brown University), Ann Orloff (Northwestern University), Cedric de Leon (UMass Amhrest)

Winner: Evelyn Nakano Glenn (UC Berkeley) 

Barrington Moore Book Award

The section presents the Barrington Moore Book Award every year to the best book in the area of comparative-historical sociology.

Committee: Elisabeth Clemens (Chair, University of Chicago), Yuen Yuen Ang (University of Michigan), Victoria Reyes (University of California, Riverside)

Winner: Joachim J. Savelsberg (U. of Minnesota) for Knowing about Genocide:  Armenian Suffering and Epistemic Struggles (University of California Press, 2021)

Honorable Mention:  Christy Thornton (Johns Hopkins University) for Revolution in Development:  Mexico and the Governance of the Global Economy (University of California Press, 2021)

Charles Tilly Article Award

The section presents the Charles Tilly Article Award every year to the best article in the subfield of comparative-historical sociology.

Committee: Hana Brown (Chair, Wake Forest University), John N. Robinson III (Princeton University), Robert Braun (University of California, Berkeley)

Winner: Yang Zhang (American University) for “Why Elites Rebel: Elite Insurrections During the Taiping Civil War in China.” American Journal of Sociology.

Honorable mention: Benjamin Bradlow (Harvard University) for “Embedded Cohesion: Regimes of Urban Public Goods Distribution.” Theory and Society.

Honorable mention: Daniel Hirschman (Brown University) for “Rediscovering The 1%: Knowledge Infrastructures and The Stylized Facts of Inequality.” American Journal of Sociology.

Reinhard Bendix Student Paper Award 

The section presents the Reinhard Bendix Student Paper Award every year to the best graduate student paper in the subfield of comparative-historical sociology.

Committee: Ali Kadivar (Chair, Boston College), Jonah Stuart Brundage (University of Michigan), Wen Xie (Peking University)

Winner: Jen Triplett (U. of Michigan) for “Articulating the Pueblo Cubano: Women’s Politicization and Productivity in Revolutionary Cuba, 1959.” (Published at the American Sociological Review)

Honorable mention: Mary Shi (UC-Berkeley) for “’Until Indian title shall be… fairly extinguished:’ The Public Lands, Settler Colonialism, and Early Government Promotion of Infrastructure in the United States.”

Theda Skocpol Dissertation Award

The section presents the Theda Skocpol Dissertation Award every year to the best doctoral dissertation in the area of comparative-historical sociology.

Committee: Carly R. Knight (Chair, New York University), Yael Berda (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Benjamin Bradlow (Harvard University)

Winner: Wan-Zi Lu (U. of Chicago), “Body Politics: Morals, Markets, and Mobilization of Organ Donation.” 

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