NEW BOOKS: Holocaust and Human Rights Education

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Holocaust and Human Rights Education: Good Choices and Sociological Perspectives

By Michael Polgar , Penn State University, USA

Publisher: Emerald Publishing Limited.  ISBN: 9781787544994

 This book explores the way in which we teach and learn about the Holocaust. The author, whose father, aunt, and grandparents survived the Holocaust, demonstrates how we can dignify memories of the Holocaust with three ‘Rs:’ respect, remembrance, and (recognition of) resilience in survivors.  The text shows how careful discussion and appropriate representations can link the Holocaust to human rights and international law. It also highlights that understanding the Holocaust serves as a catalyst for the expansion of human rights and for genocide prevention. Throughout, Polgar applies sociological concepts that can help all of us to understand how the Holocaust has become both a particular concern for Jewish and European groups and also a basis for laws and practices that support universal human rights. Advocating for the inclusion of the Holocaust in multicultural education, this text will inform and inspire students, researchers, and educators.

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