Winter 2017 Newsletter

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This issue features remarks from the 2017 Gaidar Economic Forum on “Global Transformation in the Context of Historical Sociology” by Georgi Derluguian, Wolfgang Streeck, Ho-Fung Hung, Mishaal Al-Gergawi, and Monica Prasad. The printed version of their remarks first appeared on our section’s blog, Policy Trajectories, edited by Fiona Greenland. (; a book symposium on Ho-Fung Hung’s China Boom (Columbia University Press) with comments from Jack Goldstone, Richard Lachmann, James Mahoney, Dingxin Zhao, and a reply from Ho-Fung Hung; a conference report from Laura Nelson and Kim Voss on “Digitized (Big) Data and Comparative Historical Sociology” with essays by Charles Seguin, Bart Bonikowski, Christopher Muller, and Laura Nelson; an op-ed corner on “Trump, Trade, and Economic Nationalism” organized by Victoria Reyes and with contributions from Peter Evans, Jon Shefner, and Francesco Duina; a spotlight organized by Marilyn Grell-Brisk on the section’s working group on “Terrorism”; and a tribute to William H. McNeill(1917-2016)  with contributions from David Christian and Patrick Manning.

Trajectories Vol 28 No 2 (Winter 2017) can be accessed from here.

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